How old is Suki?
Suki was born on February 2, 2017.

How big is Suki?
Suki weighs 6.8kg (15lb)… she’s a big girl!

Where is Suki from?
Suki and her humans live in Alberta, Canada.

What breed is Suki?
She is a bengal cat.

Do you recommend getting a bengal?
Only if you truly have the time and commitment. Bengals typically have very high energy, and require a lot of mental stimulation to be happy. If you do not have time to play with them or take them outside on a regular basis this may not be the type of cat for you!

When did you start taking Suki outside?
We started taking Suki outside at 3 months old.

What leash and harness do you use?
We use a Flexi leash. For longer hikes we use a Puppia harness for small dogs, this one has more support on her chest. For photoshoots Suki has the Come With Me Kitty harness, this one is very sleek, but not great for using on longer adventures.

How did you leash train Suki?
Suki isn’t exactly leash trained, she really just likes to follow us on the trails and will walk until she is tired. Sometimes if the trail is too wide, or if she has walked the same path many times, she will just plop down and refuse. That’s what we have her kitty backpack for!

How do you trust Suki off leash, and when do you decide that it is safe to let her off leash?
I think it is very important to highlight that we do not let Suki off leash! I often edit the harness and leash out in her photos for a cleaner image, but the only time Suki is off leash is when she is in our garden at home. Canadian national & provincial parks require by law that pets are on leash, and we completely agree with this for a number of reasons! There are plenty of predators in our neck of the woods that could easily have Suki as a snack, and it is also very important to make sure that your pet does not injure smaller wildlife since this is not your pet’s natural environment!

What is the longest distance Suki has walked?
The longest she every walked on her own with no back pack rides was 4 km (2.5 miles). I think that was probably the most fun she ever had on a trail as well!

What kitty backpack do you use?
We use a bubble pet carrier, that we removed the bubble from. Suki loves it! You can find them all over the web if you search ” bubble pet carrier/ backpack”, it’s best to find a brand with sizing that works best for your cat.

How do you get Suki to sit for photos?
Suki generally just likes to sit and take it all in, so that part is pretty easy! I also put my camera settings on high continuous shoot mode with a fast shutter speed, which makes it much easier to capture a good shot even if the moment lasted a split second.

Where does Suki poop when you are outside or on the road?
Suki uses her litter box while we are driving, so that just means having to pull over to clean it up if it’s a #2. She doesn’t like doing her business when we are on the trails, but will eventually just go when she finds a suitable patch of ground. Make sure to bring a baggie to remove the poop from the trails, its good Karma!

What do you feed Suki?
We cook lean chicken with additional supplements for her meals while traveling, and a bit of Acana dry food and Orijen treats for convenience. At home Suki eats a mix of raw/cooked meats.

What is the longest distance you have travelled?
12 hours straight by car, and 7 hours by plane.

How does Suki react to plane rides?
She makes a fuss during takeoff and landing for a few minutes as the air pressure is changing. After that she is really calm and just sleeps.

What camera do you use for your photos?
I use a Sony Alpha a7II with a 16-35mm f4 lens for most of my photos.